TerraCom Wireless

TerraCom Wireless

If you reached our Terracom Wireless page from a search engine, we strongly recommend you read our home page for valuable general program information before reading our True Wireless program page.

TerraCom is a Lifeline Assistance provider serving the states of Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Maryland, Nebraska, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. TerraCom offers a variety of plans, including Lifeline and non-Lifeline plans. You also have the option to top up or add data if you need additional time or capabilities.

TerraCom Wireless Plans

Lifeline Plans with TerraCom include the following:

  • Lifeline Plan 250. This plan includes 250 free voice minutes along with text messages assessed at the same rate. There is no rollover.
  • Oklahoma Lifeline Unlimited Plan. With this plan, you pay $4.58 per month plus taxes and fees. You receive unlimited voice minutes in return. There is no text messaging available on this plan, and no rollover minutes.
  • Oklahoma Lifeline 1000 Plan. You pay $1.00 per month for this plan, and receive 1000 voice minutes and text messages assessed at the same rate. There is no rollover for this plan either.

Non-Lifeline Plans

If you are keen on receiving service through TerraCom but do not qualify for Lifeline Assistance, you can try one of the following plans:

  • Non-Lifeline Plan 68. This plan sells for $13.60 per month and includes 68 voice minutes. Text messaging is available with this plan as well, assessed at a rate of 0.3 minutes per text message sent or received. This plan includes rollover.
  • Oklahoma Non-Lifeline Unlimited Plan. For $40.00 per month, you can receive unlimited voice minutes, but no rollover, and no text messaging.
  • Oklahoma Non-Lifeline 1000 Plan. Each month, this plan costs $36.00, and includes 1000 voice minutes or texts (assessed at the same rate). There is no rollover.

The Lifeline plans offered by TerraCom are pretty good, and similar to those offered by most Lifeline providers, but if you do not qualify for Lifeline, the non-Lifeline plans above are not your best option out there. There are a number of cheaper providers that serve the entire country.

Top-Up Plans

If you require additional minutes beyond those included in your plan, you are given the option of topping up. You can purchase additional minutes from TerraCom in increments of $5, $10, $15, $20, $25, $30, $50 and $60.

Right now, TerraCom does not offer data plans, but they are in the process of testing out data services. So plans that include data will be available in the near future. If you need data now, you can try for another provider, or check back with TerraCom soon.

Do I Qualify?

If you want to qualify for Lifeline Assistance, there are just a few requirements you need to meet. You can qualify if you are participating in an eligible government assistance program, or if you are living at or below 135% of the federal poverty level. See the income guidelines below:

Size of FamilyAnnual Income
For each Additional Person, Add$5,157

Don’t meet those guidelines? You may still qualify for Lifeline Assistance through TerraCom. It comes down to whether you are participating in an eligible government assistance program. These are programs like TANF, food stamps, SSI, and WIC. For each state, the list is slightly different, so you will need to look up the eligible programs for your own state before you apply.

Applying on the TerraCom website is easy. Click on the “Start Application” button in the upper right, and you will be prompted to enter in your zip code. Once you do, you will be able to apply for TerraCom if the company offers Lifeline Assistance to customers in your area. You will need to have verification paperwork ready to prove that you meet the income test or the program participation test above. You also will need to live at a valid U.S. street address. You can only apply for Lifeline Assistance if no one else in your household has already done so. If you are approved, you can easily maintain your plan and top up as needed on the TerraCom website. Good luck qualifying for Lifeline Assistance!