TAG Mobile

Tag Mobile

TAG Mobile is a prepaid phone company offering Lifeline Assistance to customers in a number of states. While TAG Mobile is not a huge company, they are growing fast. Currently, you can get a free government cell phone from TAG Mobile if you are residing in Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, West Virginia, or Wisconsin. Coverage is nationwide. TAG Mobile also offers some additional premium plans to customers who want to pay for cell phone service.

TAG Mobile Plans

  • Free Lifeline Assistance Plan: 250 free monthly voice minutes per month. In some states, users may receive more time and/or text messaging. One nice feature of this plan is that customers do not need to use a phone provided by TAG Mobile. They are given the option of BYOD.

Premium/Top-Up Plans

If you want more minutes, you can purchase one of the following top-up plans:

  • $10/month: 100 voice minutes and 100 text messages.
  • $15/month: 250 voice minutes and 250 text messages.
  • $19/month: 250 voice minutes, unlimited text messages, and 50 MB of data.
  • $20/month: 500 voice minutes and 500 text messages.
  • $29/month: Unlimited voice minutes and global text messages, along with 50 MB of data.
  • $39/month: Unlimited voice minuets and global text messages, along with 500 MB of data.
  • $49/month: Unlimited voice minutes and global text messages, along with 1 GB of data.
  • $59/month: Unlimited voice minutes and global text messages, along with 2 GB of data.

A couple other plans are also available for those looking for international calling or texting:

  • $35/month: Unlimited domestic voice time and international text messaging, plus MMS and free international calling to select countries.
  • $59/month: Unlimited domestic voice time and international text messaging, plus unlimited data, and free international calling to even more select destinations.

Do I Qualify?

To receive a free government cell phone through TAG Mobile, you must qualify for Lifeline Assistance. There are two ways you can qualify. You must live at or below 135% of the federal poverty level, or you must currently be enrolled in a qualifying state or federal aid program.


Size of FamilyAnnual Income
For each Additional Person, Add$5,157

Qualifying eligibility programs to receive Lifeline Assistance vary according to the state you live in, so you will need to check the list for your own state. The lists are similar though, and most include programs like TANF, Section 8, SSI, Food Stamps, WIC, and Medicaid.

Meet both those requirements? Then there is a good chance you can get a free government cell phone. There are just two more requirements you need to meet. The first is that you have a valid U.S. street address. The second is that nobody else in your household can be enrolled in Lifeline Assistance, as only one phone line is permitted per household.

If you meet all four of those requirements, you probably qualify for Lifeline Assistance through TAG Mobile. On TAG Mobile’s website, you can find the online application. You will start out by inputting your zip code, and checking to see whether TAG offers service in your state and local area. From there, you will be invited to apply for Lifeline Assistance, if TAG services your area. You will need to provide basic information on your household, income, and program participation. Make sure you have verification documents ready to prove your eligibility. You can mail, fax, or electronically submit your application and documentation.

TAG Mobile has some nice plans for those who qualify, particularly for families that need to place a lot of international calls for a low price. The BYOD option is also fantastic, and not something you see with a lot of Lifeline companies at this point in time. So if you have a phone you want to use, instead of a new cell phone, TAG Mobile is the perfect choice. If TAG Mobile does not currently supply service to customers in your area, check back soon to see if they have added your state—or check out some of the other Lifeline Assistance providers we have listed for your area!