Life Wireless

Life Wireless

Life Wireless is a provider of Lifeline Assistance, the free government cell phone program. They operate in number of different states across the country, and offer affordable cell phone plans to customers in need. They have plans for Lifeline Assistance subscribers and for non-Lifeline subscribers as well. So even if you do not qualify for Lifeline, you may still be able to get a great plan through Life.

You can get Life Wireless if you live in Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin, or West Virginia. Additionally, you can also receive Life Wireless in the territory of Puerto Rico. Life Wireless is one of the largest providers out there.

Life Wireless Plans

Life Wireless has different plans available for residents of different states. On the company’s website, you can select your state from a dropdown list, and the site will then display the plans available for your state. There are plans available for Lifeline and non-Lifeline subscribers (so even if you do not qualify for Lifeline, you may still be able to order inexpensive phone service from Life Wireless).

Common plans include:

  • 250 minutes, texts at a rate of 1/3 minute. Lifeline subscribers pay nothing for this plan. It is free. Those who do not qualify for Lifeline can receive this same service for $12.75 per month.
  • 1000 minutes, texts at a rate of 1/3 minute. Lifeline subscribers can receive this plan for $17.75 per month. Those who do not qualify for Lifeline can receive this plan for $30.50 per month.

There may be an activation or phone fee for non-Lifeline customers. For Lifeline subscribers, there will be no activation fee or phone fee.

The plans above are for the state of Colorado. You will find variations for each state, which is why you need to check your own state on the website to find out what is available.

Do I Qualify?

Qualification for Lifeline Assistance, like the plans, can vary slightly depending on the state where you live. There are two different ways you can qualify. The first qualification method is the income test. If you are living at or below 135% of the federal poverty level, you should be able to receive a free government cell phone from Life Wireless:


Size of FamilyAnnual Income
For each Additional Person, Add$5,157

The second method for eligibility is qualification through a state or federal aid program. If you are already receiving assistance through a program like TANF, Food Stamps, Section 8, or SSI, then you should qualify for a free government cell phone. Because state programs are included in the list of eligible programs, you will have to look up your own state to find out what programs are allowed. You do not need to pass both tests. If you pass either the income test or the qualifying program test, you should be able to get Lifeline Assistance.

There are a couple other requirements to receive assistance through Life Wireless. You need to have a valid U.S. street address, not just a P.O. box. If you are homeless, we recommend that you get in touch directly with Life Wireless to see if they have any recommendations for you.

There can only be one Lifeline Assistance phone line (cell phone or landline) for any given household. If someone else in your household already is subscribed to the program, whether through Life Wireless or another company, you cannot qualify, so that is the final requirement.

Even if you do not qualify for Lifeline Assistance, you may find some great deals if you look through the other plans offered by Life Wireless. There are many low-income people who do not qualify for a free government cell phone. If you fall into that category, you may still be able to get relatively inexpensive service through Life Wireless if the company operates in your state. So check out their website, see what plans are available in your state, and apply to find out whether you qualify for free service!

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