Alaska Communications

For low-income residents of Alaska looking for a Lifeline Assistance free government cell phone provider, Alaska Communications may provide an answer. Alaska Communications is headquartered in the city of Anchorage, and is swiftly growing and expanding its market in the state. Their 3G network is the largest in the state with 72% POP coverage. They have an abundance of 3G and 4G spectrum. They offer an incredibly cheap Lifeline service for unlimited talk and text.

Alaska Communications Unlimited Talk & Text

Cost: $1 per month


* Unlimited network-wide domestic voice time

* Unlimited text messaging

* Voicemail

* Caller ID

* Call waiting

* 3-way call waiting

* Access to Alaska Communication’s state-of-the-art fiber optic network

Note that roaming services are charged outside of the Lifeline plan. This may be a particular concern if you live in Alaska in a rural area or spend a large amount of time in rural areas throughout the day. Also note that international calling is not included in this plan, and will be charged outside of it.

Do I Qualify?

To be eligible for Lifeline Assistance through Alaska Communications, you must be living at or below 135% of the poverty level or participating in an approved state or federal aid program. There is a long list of programs, as follows:

* National School Lunch Program (free meals program only)

* State of Alaska Heating Assistance Program

* Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) General Assistance

* Head Start Programs (meeting income qualifying standards)

* Denali Kid Care

* Tribally Administrated Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

* The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) – previously known as Food Stamps

* WIC (Woman, Infant, & Children) Program

* Adult Public Assistance (including aid to aged, blind, and disabled)

* Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program

* Federal Public Housing Assistance / Section 8 Programs

* Medicaid (not Medicare)

* VA Pension or VA Disability Pension (VA Disability Compensation does not apply)

* SeniorCare

* Child Care Assistance

* Alaska Temporary Assistance Program (ATAP)

* Supplemental Security Income

* Alaska State Housing Corporation Programs

Note that the federal poverty level for Alaska is defined differently than it is for the rest of the country. Below are the federal poverty levels for Alaska—make sure you multiply by 135% in order to get the threshold for Lifeline Assistance.

Persons in family | household Poverty guideline

1 | $14,580

2 | 19,660

3 | 24,740

4 | 29,820

5 | 34,900

6 | 39,980

7 | 45,060

8 | 50,140

For families/households with more than 8 persons, add $5,080 for each additional person.

You do not need to meet both the requirements above in order to qualify for $1 unlimited talk and text through Alaska Communications. You need only meet one requirement or the other. If you do not meet the income test, but you are participating in one of the programs in the list, you qualify. If you are not participating in any of the programs but meet the income test, you still qualify. You will also need to have a valid U.S. street address (if you are homeless, please contact Alaska Communications directly) to receive your phone. If you have only a P.O. Box, your application will not be approved.

Only one Lifeline phone per household is permitted. If someone else in your household is already receiving Lifeline through Alaska Communications or another program, you will not qualify. If you think you do meet all the requirements, you can download the application on the company’s website. You will need to also submit verification paperwork demonstrating you meet either the income test or the qualifying program test.

For a long time, Alaska was an under-served state for Lifeline Assistance, but no longer. Thanks to Alaska Communications’ expanding network, it is now possible to receive a free government cell phone in AK. This is one of the best Lifeline plans in the nation to boot; most plans offered by other companies include only 250 free voice minutes or texts per month. With Alaska Communications, you can talk all you want! Even though it is

not 100% free, it is as close to free as you can get. For just $1 a month, that is a pretty great deal.